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IT Support
Computer Repair
Data & Virus Recovery
SLANT Digital:
Web & E-mail Hosting
Web Services
Problems Solved
Netbook will not Connect
Laptop Beeps - won't Start
Google Maps won't Load
Internet Explorer Very Slow
"PC Security" Virus Attack
Recover Internet History
Can't Connect to:
- Wireless (WiFi) Router
- Internet / Intranet
Computer Crash
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
Network Computers won't:
- Share Files
- Share Internet Connection
- Connect
Computer Runs Very Slowly
Computer Behaves Strangely
Apple Mac won't Start
Network seems Very Slow
Server Database Very Slow
Back-up doesn't Run
Hard Drive Needs Replacing
Memory Needs Upgrading
Laptop Screen Smashed
Spreadsheets Explained
Family Photos Recovered
Photo Torn & Drawn On
2 Photos need Merging
Backgrounds Changed
Old Photograph needs:
- Restoration
- Colour Tinting
- Creases Removed
- Scratches Repaired
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Data & Virus Recovery Can Be As Much An Art As A Science

The value and security of your data is of paramount importance and great care is always taken to maintain confidentiality of any files recovered. 

My Data Recovery Techniques Include:


Using advanced software to read the hard drive.

Specialist software tools to access and repair damaged files

Although Hard Drives are the most common storage devices, it is possible to recover data from almost any storage media, including Data Tape & Flash/USB Drives.
Please be aware that using your computer increases the chance of corrupting any lost data, which reduces the effectiveness (and can increase the cost) of recovery.

Golden Rules

  • Stop Working on the Affected Machine IMMEDIATELY

  • For Data Loss - Turn Off the machine.

  • For Virus Attack - Disconnect the affected machine(s) from the Internet and any Network

  • CALL ME on 075 2526 6780

Both Virus Attack & Data Recovery can be intensive and time consuming. For that reason these procedures will be carried out off site, wherever practical.
There may be an assessment charge, but no further charges will be made without prior notification.
These procedures, by their nature, can be quite expensive, and I cannot stress enough the value of adhering to a rigid, planned backup schedule.

My team and I provide Computer Support & Maintenance. Networking (Wired & Wireless) & Internet Connection. Virus Attack & Data Loss Recovery. MS Office Support & Custom Solutions. Web & Graphic Design. Troubleshooting. Photo Repair, Restoration & Manipulation to the whole of Lincolnshire and beyond,