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IT Support
Computer Repair
Data & Virus Recovery
SLANT Digital:
Web & E-mail Hosting
Web Services
Problems Solved
Netbook will not Connect
Laptop Beeps - won't Start
Google Maps won't Load
Internet Explorer Very Slow
"PC Security" Virus Attack
Recover Internet History
Can't Connect to:
- Wireless (WiFi) Router
- Internet / Intranet
Computer Crash
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
Network Computers won't:
- Share Files
- Share Internet Connection
- Connect
Computer Runs Very Slowly
Computer Behaves Strangely
Apple Mac won't Start
Network seems Very Slow
Server Database Very Slow
Back-up doesn't Run
Hard Drive Needs Replacing
Memory Needs Upgrading
Laptop Screen Smashed
Spreadsheets Explained
Family Photos Recovered
Photo Torn & Drawn On
2 Photos need Merging
Backgrounds Changed
Old Photograph needs:
- Restoration
- Colour Tinting
- Creases Removed
- Scratches Repaired
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If you're pleased with the service you've received, from me, please let me and others know.

By: Abhinay Settipalli on: 2010-09-14 12:27:49
After trying numerous different people / companies to try and salvage my hard drive and watching them not turn up I gave Anthony a ring and he came down sunday morning and then returned to drive to me on tuesday evening. Overall, a great guy who is reliable and knows how to treat his customers well! Would definitely recommend to anyone!!
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My team and I provide Computer Support & Maintenance. Networking (Wired & Wireless) & Internet Connection. Virus Attack & Data Loss Recovery. MS Office Support & Custom Solutions. Web & Graphic Design. Troubleshooting. Photo Repair, Restoration & Manipulation to the whole of Lincolnshire and beyond,